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Packing Tips

Tips from the professionals at Southwest Virginia Moving and Storage

When it comes to packing, we always recommend that you leave it to the professionals. Doing it yourself is a tedious, stressful and exhausting task. For us, however, it is another form of quality service that we would love to provide to make your move go smoothly. Our packing crew has been trained to wrap and pack all of your items to keep them safe during the moving process.

However, if you decide that you want to take care of everything yourself, we just ask that you pack everything as securely as possible. That way your memories arrive safely.

Secure Packing means:

  • Wrapping items carefully

  • Using sturdy cartons that close completely

  • Making sure of a firm pack so that the carton will not rattle, bulge outward, or bend inward

  • Providing plenty of cushioning to absorb shock

  • Limiting cartons, when possible, to a maximum weight of fifty pounds to make handling easier

If you would like more specific tips on how to wrap and pack everything securely and what type of cartons we recommend, or what you can expect to see our crews doing, please download this list of Packing Tips.

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